Sharing Our Legacy Modernization Expertise

Our team of experts shares their knowledge of technology, project management, and digital transformation with the leading tech news outlets.

PITSS offers a host of knowledge from our team of technology, architecture, and full-service development experts. We occasionally get the opportunity to share this expertise with some of our favorite technology outlets. Here are recent excerpts from some of our favorite feature stories.

“Collaboration software can provide “an increase of transparency in everyone’s work,” said Gavin Woods, consulting director at Michigan-based PITSS, which provides digital transformation and application modernization for enterprise Oracle deployments.”

Gavin Woods

7 unexpected ways collaboration software can boost productivity, Computerworld

“Customer development is the starting point that will give you the best results, hands down. Take a page from lean startup culture and really get to know why, in context, your customers buy your solutions. Form follows function and it’s too easy to assume you already know what makes you a hit with your buyers. “

Ross Smith

The Single Most Important First Step in Developing a Successful CX Strategy, NGA Data

“At the highest level, these terms [continuous integration, deployment, and development] focus on the ability to plan, develop, and deploy applications in a quick and effective manner. These terms are still in the process of being more concretely defined in the tech industry.”

Alex Walworth

Devs Compare Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment vs. Continuous Integration, Stackify

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