Risk management and a secure future

Risk management and the future under control

IT forms the backbone of companies and organizations and ensures that business models and processes function smoothly and reliably. Updates and the implementation of new applications and interfaces are creating increasingly complex, heterogeneous and, therefore, more vulnerable systems. If the interactions are not fully understood, even a small change, such as to the user interface, logic or data model, can cause disruptions in the workflow or program failure.

The intelligent software tools and analysis tools from PITSS support your IT department with minimizing these risks during ongoing operation. They also help with identifying and eliminating sources of errors and modernization. Your software and processes remain future-proof and reliable at all times. The automated mapping and documentation combined with the visual representation of the analysis results enable data governance. This is the integrated management of the data used by your company or organization. Data lineage can be implemented for this purpose. It logs the changes, modifications and developments of data sets. As a consequence, you retain an overview of the origin of a data set, its changes and on-going development, its characteristics and its destination.

The resulting transparency puts you in a position to fully comprehend the interrelationships and identify the potential for improvements on every level – whether in terms of maintainability, performance or ease of use. In addition, utilizing the tools enables automated refactoring and, thus, the modernization of the software. Requirements from specialist departments can be implemented specifically and reliably. New business processes and applications, such as for mobile devices or the use of augmented reality, can be integrated into the system quickly and easily.

Reasons to automate risk management and future security

  • IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to understand.
  • IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to understand.
  • The increasing desire and/or need for ever faster, flexible adaptation to new, unknown requirements of the increasingly digitalized world.
  • The risk of failing to address all the relevant data with even a small update increases disproportionately.
  • There is no integrated management of the data throughout its life cycle (data governance).
  • The origin, modification, development, characteristics and destinations of data (data lineage) is not documented.
  • Interrelationships are not known and cannot be identified.
  • Potential for improvement cannot be identified and utilized.
  • Protection against hacker attacks through security loopholes is not guaranteed.
  • Lack of long-term guaranteed software support.

Stay up to date through continuous development of software tools

Our goal is always to offer you the best advice and exemplary service. This also means that we continuously work to adapt our intelligent tools to the latest software technologies and the requirements of the market.
As such, you can be sure that with PITSS, you will always receive the complete picture, regardless of which software you use – and that you can continue to create added value using our tools in the future. This is just one reason why we are also involved in research projects to advance the development and optimization of software technologies.

Increasingly complex, complicated and heterogeneous software systems require a clear overview of the entire IT structure to ensure reliable and low-risk operation. This can no longer be achieved manually.

Thorsten Staude.

Well-established risk management and an IT structure that supports current trends and modern technologies are the decisive factors for the future viability of companies and organizations. Do not wait too long. Contact us now.


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