Experience a real Forms to APEX migration with your own application

Migration projects are special

A migration is not a standard IT project. Due to multiple issues and questions, a migration effort often creates addition complexities. Complexities that are hard to track.

What is my initial situation? What should theresult look like? What do we know about the new technology? Who needs to be involved? How long do we need? What costs and resources should we expect? Who takes care of the day-to-day business in the meantime? What will really come out in the end?

These and further questions around the migration as well as a real Forms to APEX migration with your own application we work out in the the APEX Live Experience Workshop.


Start your journey from Forms to APEX

This Workshop is designed to get you, your team and your application form Oracle Forms to APEX. In this workshop you can raise every concern you have regarding a migration and you can put your hands on every step of the migration to fully understand the challenge of an Oracle Forms to APEX migration.

For your optimal output, the workshop is divided into two main steps!

Step 1

initial situation & prep

We start with a short interview to get familiar with your situation, wishes, fears and uncertainties. We receive your code base and use it to prepare our Application Data Cube and a lab environment for Step Two.

Step 2

apply & take away

We go through a live use case of your application. You get the real before and after experience. No sample, no fake, no education environment – just your code of your application.


And you take all this with you

After this workshop all your questions and uncertainties will have dissolved and you will have the result of a Forms to APEX migration in your hands.


How & Where

3 days workshop  –  tailored to your needs
remote sessions  –  participate wherever you are

You will get

  • your migrated app to discuss the UX with your users
  • the cleaned code to guide your technical team through the development tasks of tomorrow
  • all valid numbers to decide precisely time and budget with your management
  • your plan of a secure & successful modernization track following your principles – from design over convention until the final architecture

We look forward to speaking to you

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