TAVP Case Study

Total Asset Visibility Portal (TAV-P)

Customer Success Story

We discussed TAV-P, our latest successful project with Andrew Hoppe, Analyst, Digital Business at AAR.

What were the goals?

One of AAR’s aviation maintenance and service clients, the United States Air Force, needed some crucial changes to an important internal application called the Total Asset Visibility Portal (TAV-P).

Andrew was brought in September of 2017 to the primary Air Force location for operations for TAV-P. He began by interviewing users and gathering business requirements, then brought them back to a joint team of AAR and PITSS devs and architects to create mockups and build the application from these specifications.

The client wanted the ability to know where all parts are at any given time covered under their contract with AAR.


They needed visibility on the status of all open orders with AAR.

The Air Force needed to generate an engineering workflow for all repair facilities.

Any out of ordinary work scope needed to be submitted, approved, and fixed. This workflow was previously done through emails and attachments, which made it difficult to track and was not efficient.

What were the solutions?

All of the data points that AAR pulled were leveraged from an another successful application that PITSS worked on called AARive (read that success story here). The important information for TAV-P was housed within AAR’s ERP system. 

Together with AAR’s team, PITSS discovered what data points to pull from the ERP system. Then, the team worked together hone in on the users’ needs. They pinpointed exactly what data was relevant, and created an intuitive, effective user experience that increases visibility on open orders, reveals where parts are at any given time, and improves the overall workflow within the application.


User Interviews


Business Requirements


New User Experience

How did it happen? How did PITSS help?

The biggest challenge was that simultaneously the IT at AAR was developing a separate instance of their ERP for governmental security and to meet required regulations. Another challenge was implementing dual-factor authentication to also meet governmental compliance.

PITSS helped by building the application around this separate instance database. Through detailed SCRUM calls and bi-weekly meetings with both devs and IT, the integrated team overcame these challenges and delivered a secure, compliant final product.

What were the results?

The new TAV-P was built on time and on budget. One team lead’s comments revealed that the client was very happy with the result. “I wish we could get the whole base on this (application).”

The client is very pleased because the new application is more intuitive, trimmed down, and gets to the heart of what users need to effectively do their jobs.


Transparency into Contracts


Increased Visibility

Improved Workflow

Intuitive User Experience

Meets Compliance

Become a success story.


Posted on

May 1, 2018