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REMONDIS IT implements multilingualism of its global applications with the multi-language solution from PITSS

One of the world’s largest recycling, service and water service providers can dynamically and quickly set up its applications in different languages with PITSS ML

Global Recycling speaks many languages

What happens to all our waste? REMONDIS, one of the world’s largest service providers for recycling, service and water, has the answer. The company recovers raw materials from waste, develops innovative recycling products, offers alternative energy sources and is involved in supplying water and treating wastewater. Furthermore, REMONDIS takes care of the low-pollution disposal of residual and hazardous waste that cannot yet be recycled in a sensible way according to the current state of technology.

The demanding, rapidly changing and complex tasks that result from this require a high-performance IT system landscape. It’s all about logistics, security, availability, reliability, adherence to deadlines, quality and global networking. REMONDIS IT is responsible for ensuring that everything runs as it should. And as REMONDIS’ global recycling and service network extends to over 30 countries, the IT systems have to function and interact in many different languages.

Does your company also need applications in
different languages or designations?

Your Oracle Forms applications can not only be translated into the various languages – type or model designations can also be automatically and dynamically adapted.

One application in many languages

Initial situation

Globally deployed Oracle Forms large-scale application, which maps all core processes of the company, must be available in the respective local languages.


The application previously worked with the outdated Oracle Translation Hub, which was replaced by PITSS.CON Multi-Language. Language extensions must be possible without any problems.


PITSS.CON Multi-Language replaced the Oracle Translation Hub. In the process, the data was transferred automatically. The rollout was successful and in several

Multiple target languages completely dynamic


REMONDIS IT relies on the Multi-Language solution from PITSS for the multilingualism of its ERP application. With PITSS.CON Multi-Language, texts and terms from the German-language application are automatically and dynamically translated into the respective target languages on the basis of a previously compiled dictionary. Dynamic means that every textual change or extension of an application is dynamically adapted and output in the respective target language.

Multilingualism seamlessly and automatically extensible


For successful global players like REMONDIS IT, IT-systems must always be prepared for future developments and changes. If, for example, additional languages are added, this is no longer a problem. Once fed into PITSS.CON Multilanguage, additional languages are seamlessly available worldwide within the ERP application at REMONDIS.

PITSS.CON Multi-Language at the service of REMONDIS IT


REMONDIS IT decided to replace the previous translation tool, the outdated Oracle Translation Hub, with PITSS.CON Multi-Language. For this, all masks and reports were automatically read in or transferred, translated and successfully rolled out in several countries.

“As a globally acting and highly networked company, our ERP solution must be easily available in the respective national languages and quickly adaptable. With PITSS.CON Multi-Language, we succeeded in doing just that. The data was read in by the PITSS tool and output in the applications of the respective countries in the correct language. We were very impressed with the performance of the PITSS tool.”

Roland Mann
Project Manager Application Development, REMONDIS IT

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