Application Upgrade Case Study

Pharmaceutical Customer Success Story

We worked with a well-known pharmaceutical company that provides prescription benefit plans that make prescription drug usage more affordable and safer for their plan members. The organization handles millions of home delivery prescriptions every year from their pharmacy.

What was their challenge?

This pharmaceutical company’s leadership was under the gun to upgrade all of their Oracle Forms and Reports-based applications. The company relies heavily on these Forms applications because customer reps use the screens for all of the prescription orders. The majority of the company’s revenue is generated by these orders.

The biggest concern for the organization was that these applications were built on older Forms technologies. The Forms were a mixture of old versions 6i and some 9i, meaning that they were out of date and unsupported. The company hadn’t had a chance to catch up with technical debt and upgrade their applications over the years.

The leadership team decided to upgrade their Oracle Forms and Reports applications from 6i to 11g in a very short timeframe in order to meet their growing business needs as quickly as possible.


Upgrade from 6i to 11g

Increase Performance


Two Month Timeframe

Meet their Budget

Why did they choose PITSS?

The company chose PITSS because they had a short time frame, a tight budget, and a small window of opportunity to upgrade their Forms from much older technology to the newest version available. So they needed a confident, capable partner to successfully complete the project done on time and within their budget.

How did we help?

We first met with their team one on one and learned about their challenges and goals. We then presented our PITSS.CON tool, which we felt would be the best option for upgrading their older Forms. Combined with our methodology and our full-stack team, we were confident that we could meet their time and budgetary requirements.

We also assisted with improving application performance. Our team suggested improvements to how the company upgraded and distributed WebLogic within their new servers. We worked with them to configure the new servers with their WebLogic environment for development, user acceptance testing, and production environment. PITSS provided best practices parameters for Java in order to run the whole environment and increase performance.

Our Process

Discovery meeting

Performance code analysis

Performed testing

Planned 11g upgrade

Upgraded Forms to 11g

Fixed issues and provided expertise


The company was impressed by how quickly PITSS was able to upgrade to their Oracle Forms and Reports to the 11g environment. We sped up the process and successfully met their needs. They now have an upgraded and improved application with our help, and we did it on time and within budget.

Become a success story.