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Hrc is focusing on speed and security when maintaining its banking software with the PITSS Application Data Cube (ADC)

Leading provider of banking systems wants to use its complex Oracle Forms application more effectively

Huge amounts of data managed by the PITSS Application Data Cube

Despite the enormous volume of information generated, the unique form of data storage in the PITSS ADC saves an immense amount of time across all operations. In addition, the ADC provides insights into the application that are not even remotely possible with conventional development tools. Diverse analyses underpin almost every decision-making process and established templates reduce the enormous development costs.

Does your company also have complex applications that are difficult to process?

Applications that no one dares to tackle because they look like impenetrable monoliths? You can’t guess what unpredictable catastrophes a change can trigger?

From complexity to simplicity

Initial situation

Complex Oracle Forms large-scale application with about 120 developers, over 4500 Forms, 1800 Reports 11000 tables. Used by many banking houses in Slovenia and Croatia. High requirements for security, stability and agility.


The application must be easy to maintain despite its size and the complexity that has increased over the years. In addition, a high level of transparency and smooth development are expected.


With the PITSS Application Data Cube (ADC), the entire application could be read in and analyzed in a very short time. With the subsequent cleanup of legacy data, the effort for maintenance and development can be reduced enormously in the future.
“We chose the PITSS Application Data Cube and PITSS products because they met our needs quickly and with high quality as we continue to develop our banking software and further expand the leading position of our banking solution in the digital transformation.”
Ernest Pinter
CTO at Hrc d.o.o.

Dependencies visible within seconds – first measures implemented immediately


The high-performance dependency analysis alone, across all code fragments and code levels of greatest complexity, determines the effort of a change request in seconds.
These efficient algorithms also ensure that redundant objects are detected and permanently prevented in the over 6 million lines of code. This was the first step in improving the quality of the software and in cleaning up legacy issues, the so-called technical debt, which not only reduces maintenance efforts but also generates ROI in reasonable time.

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