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BERNARDAUD modernizes its central enterprise application with PITSS

BERNARDAUD, one of the world’s most renowned producers of exclusive porcelain products, realizes its upgrade to Oracle Forms 12c with PITSS.CON

Tradition relies on modernization

How do tradition and modernization go together? Perfectly! The French family business in its fifth generation stands for luxury, elegance and first-class craftsmanship in table services, decorative objects and gift articles and sets the course to remain at the top in global competition. To achieve this, Bernardaud relies not only on modern design, but also on proven IT systems from Oracle – and has been doing so for years!

With the thoroughly reliable Oracle Forms application, they therefore upgraded to the latest Oracle Forms version 12c using the PITSS.CON product Forms & Reports Modeler. In addition, PITSS.CON implemented multi-language enhancements in order to be prepared for business relations with the Asian markets. The Japanese market in particular is of great importance to Bernardaud.

Are you still using old Oracle Forms applications? You are not yet on Forms 12c?


In some companies, Oracle Forms applications of versions 6, 10 and 11 are still in use. This is risky! You will lack support if there are problems and if things go bad, it can lead to system downtime!

Tradition & luxury go modern ways

Initial Situation

Oracle Forms application should be maintained, become more understandable and meet the latest requirements such as server migration and multilingualism.


Clean up of the application, upgrade to Oracle Forms 12c and extend with multilanguage. The whole thing should run automatically and be easy to control in the further course itself.


Analysis, cleanup and upgrade of the application to Oracle Forms 12c with PITSS Forms & Reports Modeler including documentation. Language extension “Japanese” with PITSS.CON Multilanguage. Training for self-use of PITSS products.

Bernardaud protects investment

For decades, Bernardaud has relied on Oracle technologies. This is to remain so. The central company application, via which all business processes from the merchandise management system to customer communication run, is based on Oracle Forms. The application contains valuable know-how, which the company wants to preserve. However, it has also become very complex over the years. This could become problematic for new IT employees at Bernardaud. In addition, the Oracle Forms application is to run on a new IBM server in the future. By upgrading the application with the PITSS Forms & Reports Modeler to Oracle Forms 12c, Bernardaud has managed to do all this.

With PITSS.CON Multilanguage successful to Asia


The Asian market is of greatest economic importance for luxury brands such as Bernardaud. Above all, the company would like to tap into the Japanese market even more. For this closer relationship, the modernized Oracle Forms 12c application also had to be made available in Japanese. Thanks to PITSS.CON Multilanguage, this was realized within a very short time. This is because the product has a function that automatically and dynamically detects and translates all texts and captions.

PITSS products and teams led to project success


Both the PITSS Forms & Reports Modeler and PITSS.CON ML were supported and trained by the PITSS team of experts throughout the entire modernization project at Bernardaud. A particular advantage was that, in addition to the technical know-how of the PITSS experts, the project could also be managed in French. Once again, the international composition of the PITSS team was a plus. The training of the Bernardaud team enabled the customer to efficiently process his application on his own.

“Our company has always combined craftsmanship and innovation, It is therefore natural that its IT environment has developed over several decades. It is important to keep a solution modern enough for our needs. Established in international markets, it was necessary to be able to modernize our application. With PITSS Forms & Reports Modeler we were able to upgrade and clean up our application to Oracle Forms 12c. Now the app is up to date again for us and more easily understandable. And thanks to PITSS.CON Multilanguage, it now also works in Japanese.”

Clément Mignon,
IT department manager at Bernardaud

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