Process Mining

Business processes perfectly analyzed and optimized

Business processes are highly individual and form the backbone of the company. The software requirements, also referred to as user stories in agile software development, of an ISV are different from those of a bank, university, government, commercial or manufacturing company. Within an organization, the demands placed on IT by, for example, production, sales, marketing, HR, management and accounting also differ significantly. This creates an almost impossible challenge for IT departments when modernizing. Recording all of the system requirements in detail is time-consuming, costly and error-prone. Quite apart from that, 10, 15 or 20-year-old software is usually no longer used the same way as it was once designed. That is why modernization projects are often postponed – even if competitiveness suffers as a result.
PITSS has already proven thousands of times that user stories can also be determined simply, quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. The intelligent analysis tool automatically generates the process requirements retroactively from the existing software with an adequate level of detail and presents them in an easily understandable way using words and images. This not only ensures that all of the functional requirements are identified but also visually depicts the functional and operational flow of the business processes. As a consequence, the analysis creates an optimal starting point for the modernization and optimization of business processes as well as for the increase of user comfort. The targeted combination of technically relevant business processes transforms the previously monolithic structures into controllable, high-performance micro-services, also known as domains or clusters.

Reasons to choose an automated analysis

  • The specifications for business processes are difficult or even impossible to determine.
  • The specifications for business processes are difficult or even impossible to determine.
  • The analogue determination of user stories involves too much work and is too error-prone.
  • Process conformance (comparison of implemented processes with desired processes) and process compliance (compliance with company-specific rules) can be examined.
  • Generation of information about which software elements are no longer used.
  • Illustration of dedicated business processes including the corresponding core functionalities.
  • Identification of optimization potentials in business processes.
  • Increase in operating comfort.
  • Creation of the optimal conditions for a successful, low-risk and rapid migration.

Identifying and utilizing optimization potentials

The results of the visual process analysis provide insights into how your applications are used in reality. They also indicate whether processes have a cumbersome and time-consuming design by determining how many clicks are required to enter bank account details or an order confirmation, for example, and how long these processes take. They also reveal where there is room for improvement.
Building on this foundation, we can discuss which optimizations and simplifications should be carried out in the course of the modernization or migration. By transferring your business processes to the new technology you have chosen, they become faster and more convenient at the same time. Online documentation based on real data is established.

The automated preparation and visual depiction of all of your processes and data eliminates a major hurdle that has to be overcome in modernization projects. It paves the way for future-proof applications and more convenient processes that also increase your team’s motivation.

Thorsten Staude.

The automated process analysis identifies all of your business processes and applications. It presents them in a clear and comprehensible way and also indicates optimization potentials. This foundation enables you to make well-founded decisions. Let us advise you.


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