Process Analysis

With the PITSS Process Analysis, we determine how the processes are implemented in your application and how these are actually used by your users.

With PITSS.CON, we are able to record dedicated processes in your environment and then observe the user behavior over a period of time. You will get valuable information about the used areas of your application, a complete process modeling, performance statistics and suggestions for refactoring your application. A risk assessment shows you the critical areas of the application and the areas that would see the most value from process improvements.

The process analysis of your application is the ideal starting point to recognize and visualize your application.

Your Situation

Many Oracle Forms applications are 10, 15, 20 or more years old. During this time a lot of technical and process know-how was implemented in the application. Requirements from key users were implemented and rejected. From a certain point in time, the question arises whether to invest in new technologies or to extend the existing application. Instead of just looking at the source code, it is far more sensible to take care of the processes that your application should support.

How are the required processes implemented in the application?
Which functions are used by which users in which context?
What unused areas can be easily removed?
Where are Hot Spots in the application, which make a maintenance critical?
Where can performance be improved?
Where in the application can I get the most value for users?
Where is refactoring available to ensure improved maintainability and performance?
How can data lineage and data governance be visualized for the entire application?
What components need to be considered when you modernize parts of the application, e.g. for mobile
devices or for a technology change?
To answer these questions, a process analysis is the appropriate answer. This is the basis for all further decisions and adiscussions.

Our Offer to You

1. Preparation (Remote or Onsite)

Handover of source code. Gather all important information regarding the application.

2. Preparation (Offsite)

Load and parse the sources into PITSS.CON. Enhance the application with tracker information. Handover application back to you. Support to integrate that source code into your existing environment.

3. Recording

You record dedicated processes in your environment. We recommended silent recording, which logs the use of the application anonymously (evidence for the work council can be provided). At the end of this phase you handover the raw data of the recorded information.

4. Analysis (Offsite)

Loading the records. Creation of all dependencies in the PITSS.CON repository. Create the KPI for the entire application, in detail.

5. Presentation (Onsite)

Assessment and preparation of results. Summary and presentation of the process analysis. Showing the procedure, discussion, and advice. You receive detailed documentation of the analysis.