Intelligent software tools for a barrier-free software infrastructure

IT works most efficiently when it is optimally adapted to your current and future requirements and applications. However, IT structures that have evolved over the course of decades are confusing and inflexible. Often, no one even knows the system’s full capabilities anymore. In addition, maintenance, licenses and expansions consume a large portion of the IT budget. These barriers prevent technical progress and digital transformation.
To gain clarity in a situation like this, answering the following questions is essential: What is the status of the IT? What are the objectives? Which new applications have to be implemented? What modernization options are there? How can this be carried out safely, efficiently and sustainably?
These success-critical issues can be resolved quickly and reliably with the intelligent software tools from PITSS for Oracle applications:

Application Data Cube
This smart tool allows you to connect your entire IT infrastructure. At the push of a button, it analyses this infrastructure within the space of only a few minutes. You receive transparent and comprehensible information about which applications and processes are included, about how they function, how they are used and how they can be optimized.

Forms and Reports Manager
This is the tool to maximize the performance of your application management. The Forms and Reports Manager modules simplify classic development tasks such as maintenance, design, version management of Forms applications, field extension, multilingualism and zooming in such a way that you can achieve time and cost savings of up to 90%.

Application Analytics
With their architecture and code analyses, the Application Analytics modules ensure clear and comprehensible quality indicators, show dependencies in detail and document the results. As such, they offer you the best foundation for making fact-based decisions.

Operational Analytics
The Operational Analytics tool gives you a complete overview of the actual business processes and identifies artefacts from legacy applications. These findings form the best possible foundation for initiating continuous improvement processes or optimally preparing a migration.

Forms Replacer Kit
You have decided to replace Forms with modern software technology such as APEX, ADF, JET or a non-Oracle solution. The Forms Replacer Kit offers you key advantages during migration in terms of the speed, costs, customization and quality. To ensure success, PITSS products integrate seamlessly into the modern world of software development, such as GIT and Jira, and support agile working and roll-out driven processes such as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

Reports Replacer Kit
This innovative tool not only supports you with selecting a new reporting tool that is optimally tailored to your requirements, such as Oracle BI Publisher, JasperReports or BIRT. It also ensures an accelerated and fault-free migration of Oracle Reports to the modern technology and automatically provides test data from the operation. Like the Forms Replacer Kit, it also contains suitable control mechanisms for project and budget planning.

Reasons that require the use of intelligent tools:

  • Create a transparent and understandable IT structure.
  • Create a transparent and understandable IT structure.
  • Identify optimization opportunities and implement them in a targeted manner.
  • Achieve performance increases in application management with time and cost savings of up to 90%.
  • Initiate and implement continuous improvement processes.
  • Optimally prepare a modernization.
  • Ensure rapid and fault-free migration to modern technologies while achieving cost and quality advantages.

Rethink IT and achieve ROI faster

Companies or organizations cannot afford to ignore the modernization of ageing IT systems and applications. When it comes to carrying out the tasks involved, classic IT consulting with its numerous manual steps often leads to a dead end: Projects take significantly longer, exceed the set budget or fail to achieve the desired success.

This is why IT consulting also requires new approaches and procedures to guarantee the greatest possible security, adherence to schedules and costs and also the desired quality. PITSS has taken this step with its intelligent software tools. Through smart automation during the planning, modernization and subsequent operation, they ensure that sources of error are eliminated, deadlines are met and costs are reduced. This means that the investment pays for itself within a comparatively short time. At the same time, the tools support your employees, helping them to work quickly and confidently with new technologies. Our tailored service and support services, workshops and training covering every aspect of modernization also contribute.

The intelligent software tools from PITSS are linked to development tools recognized throughout the IT world, such as Jira and Git. Together with the consistent development of the tools, this guarantees that your staff can always develop state-of-the-art products.

Thorsten Staude.

Even IT consultants cannot escape digitalization. We recognized this fact many years ago and began to focus our development on this direction with our intelligent software tools. These tools render numerous manual classic IT consulting activities superfluous. Talk to us about the advantages and potential savings.


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