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The 4 step Oracle Reports Migration from legacy to modern reporting

What you will learn in this Reports to Jasper eBook

Experience the 4 step migration path

1. Preparation
360° view of the project
2. Migration
Convert Oracle Reports to JasperReports
3. Fine-tuning
Refine output from conversion
4. Roll-out
Integration & testing

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Why and how to migrate an Oracle Reports Option successfully

Why migrate Reports to Jasper?
Oracle Reports is deprecated
Oracle Reports is no longer under active development
JasperReports is among the most popular reporting tools
JasperReports is state-of-the-art reporting
Migration to JasperReports is easy with tool & concept

Why & How to migrate Oracle Reports to Jasper

Jasper Reports Integration made easy

Oracle Reports is deprecated by Oracle in the Statement of Direction. It has not been expanded in years. Switching to a new reporting technology is strongly recommended. In the search for the best Oracle Reports alternative, JasperReports emerges as the leading successor from a technical, performance, and economic perspective. The ideal migration from Reports2Jasper requires good preparation with analysis and cleanup, a tool-supported migration – as little manual as possible -, efficient fine-tuning, and an error-free rollout. Go through the 4 steps in this ebook and find to the right decision of your Oracle Reports modernization.