The best way to start your Reports Modernization

Why Oracle Reports Migration?
  • Oracle Reports is no longer under active development

  • Oracle Reports is less powerful and often does not meet new,
    necessary requirements and enhancements

  • Oracle Reports reaches its limits in modern reporting

  • Oracle recommends the replacement of Oracle Reports
Why migrate to Jasper Reports?
  • Jasper Reports convinces with a superior technical performance
  • Jasper Reports is most commonly used in modern reporting
  • Jasper Reports supports open source
  • Jasper Reports is easily integrated with other technologies
  • Jasper Reports is based on Java
Let’s take a look at your Oracle Reports
  • Your Reports have to perform in business processes – internal & external

  • Your Reports have to serve new requirements and enhancements

  • Your Reports need to interact with modern technologies

  • Most times at least 50% of your Reports can be modernized 1:1

  • At least 10% of your Reports can be cleaned up,
    because as unused “dead code” they are unnecessary ballast
Reports in transition

With 1Step2Jasper analysis everything
becomes very simple

  • We show you how to set up the Reports modernization quickly,
    easily and without much effort

  • We figure out your unnecessary code that can be cleaned up

  • We identify your Reports that can get automated modernized 1:1
    – fast & at high quality

  • We will show you how to modernize your Reports cluster-wise (sprints)
    and integrate them smartly into existing applications

  • We relieve you, through our proven, risk-free method,
    and no effect on your daily business

  • Your new Jasper Reports can be implemented smoothly
    into the existing application

1Step2Jasper at a glance

  • Analysis of your Oracle Reports application down to the smallest detail
  • Determination of your applicable Reports applicable for a fast 1:1 modernization
  • Identification of redundant code
  • Effort, cost and project planning for a smart Reports modernization
  • All results and recommendations within 5 business days of assignment

For only 3.900 EUR*

*1Step2Jasper analysis credited in case of an order for the first migration cluster

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