Whitepaper Oracle Forms Migration 


How to implement a modern, maintainable, well designed Oracle APEX enterprise application

What you will learn in this Oracle Forms to APEX Whitepaper

Read about the most important aspects for a successful Oracle Forms to APEX Migration:

1. Developers
Learn how the developer team should be setted how to migrate Oracle Forms to APEX
2. Functionalities & Templates
Find out what kind of cross functionalities should be implemented
3. Tools
Get to know what kind of tools are necassary to achieve the goal of convert Forms to APEX.
4. DevOps
See what DevOps should look like

Get the APEX Development Blueprint – Oracle Forms to APEX Migration

Your Oracle Forms Migration Assistant for the best preparation for Oracle Forms Migration and working with APEX.

Why Forms to APEX Migration?

Oracle Forms is outdated and has its limitations
Hardly any developers left with Forms know-how
APEX offers modern new features
APEX is low-code and easy to learn
Oracle Forms Migration zu APEX is easy with tool & concept

Oracle Forms Migration

It’s not a question of whether to convert Oracle Forms to APEX, it’s a question of when!

Oracle Forms is outdated and has its limitations. Enterprise applications must increasingly keep pace with the digitization of business processes. Moreover, there are fewer and fewer developers with Oracle Forms know-how. Unlike the outdated Forms, APEX offers modern functions and, as a low-code technology, does not require any special prior knowledge. The same applies to the tool-based Oracle Forms to APEX migration. For Oracle Forms to APEX, too, no profound knowledge of Forms and APEX is required. The high degree of automation in the Oracle Forms migration and the migration wizard make the whole thing child’s play.