Upgrade your Oracle Forms applications to 12c in record time

Get the full potential of your Oracle Forms application!

Upgrading to Oracle Forms 12c means a secure, proven, and high-performing application. With our equally proven tool-based migration, we assure you a successful upgrade project in record time. This three-day workshop brings you into the new Forms world. Benefit from a supported version with new features, easier maintenance, better performance and connectivity to innovative IT systems.


Start your upgrade now

This Workshop is designed to get you, your team and your application on Oracle Forms 12c. Using the PITSS tools you will automate the Upgrade to almost 100% and achieve savings of up to 90% compared to a manual migration.

For your optimal output, the workshop is divided into three days!

Day 1

initial situation & analysis

We start loading your application into our Application Data Cube and analyze every detail in your source code. As a result, we receive dedicated evaluations regarding quality, dependencies, impact, problem areas and dead code. Now we are ready for the next day.

Day 2

preparation & cleaning

With the results from day one, we can now clean up the application. Redundancies and dead code are removed, problem areas are clarified. The application is perfectly prepared for the upgrade. This step is the be-all and end-all for your upgrade. Only a clean and tidy application can be upgraded successfully.

Day 3

implementation & training

The clear and glossy prepared application can now be upgraded. We will familiarize you with the PITSS tool set, which you can immediately use to upgrade your application. Of course, we also perform the upgrade completely or together with you. Simply contact us for this purpose.


And you take all this with you

After this workshop, you and your application will be well prepared for a smooth, fast and successful upgrade.


How & Where

3 days workshop – tailored to your application
remote sessions – participate wherever you are

You will get

  • your analysis results to understand your application
  • the cleaned code to be prepared for the upgrade
  • an upgrade that can save you up to 90% time and money
  • the introduction to a unique tool set that will simplify your daily work

We look forward to speaking to you

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