APEX expert meeting at PITSS

High-calibre exchange and views at the PITSS Partner APEX Workshop on January 17,2024

Stuttgart 01/29/2024 – On January 17, 2024, PITSS, a leading modernization expert, hosted an exclusive Partner Workshop centered around the transformative potential of APEX and the seamless, customer centric migration from Oracle Forms to APEX. This event marked a significant collaboration with Oracle, underscored by the active involvement of Marc Sewtz, Senior Director of Software Development at Oracle, affirming the strategic alignment between PITSS and Oracle’s vision.

At the forefront of this gathering were PITSS APEX experts, complemented by Aljaž Mali (CEO) and Aleš Kravos (COO) from The RIGHT THING Solutions, as well as Tolga Yilmaz, Head of Software Development and Support at Genom. Together, the expert panel highlighted the technical superiority of APEX, forecasting a very strong surge in demand for Oracle Forms to APEX migrations in 2024.

PITSS, as successful player in that market and the host, emphasized the pivotal role of its proven products, predicted a heightened further automation in migration, coupled with the integration of AI. A crucial moment here was the presentation of ProcMAPE, a groundbreaking project funded by BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) focusing on the data-driven adaptation of object-centered processes in software systems. The success of PITSS’s migration approach, characterized by a blend of cutting-edge products and expert services, was showcased through numerous successful projects.

The panel discussions delved into diverse projects and best practices, unanimously concurring that companies should aspire for more than a simple 1:1 migration during the modernization process. Drawing inspiration from Savantage Solutions, cluster-wise migration emerged as the preferred strategy, yielding the highest satisfaction in projects. The innovative ideas presented garnered widespread recognition, particularly as they can be seamlessly integrated into Forms to APEX migration projects.

Looking ahead, PITSS and their esteemed partners eagerly anticipate the APEX vision and roadmap for 2024. The commitment to close cooperation, underscored by the presence of Marc Sewtz, sets the stage for a multitude of successful Oracle Forms to APEX projects. The collective enthusiasm is palpable and we are excited about the upcoming modernization projects!



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