The methodology for precisely plannable modernization projects with fixed prices

Changing customer demands, higher requirements from specialist departments as well as security risks has now made the modernization of Oracle legacy systems or their migration to a new technology an urgent issue for many companies and organizations. Nevertheless, the migration is often not carried out. There are too many concerns that unseen obstacles could cause the schedule and costs to get out of hand or that the project could tie up excessive personnel resources on a day-to-day basis or possibly even lead to system failures.
In order to eliminate these uncertainties from the outset, PITSS has developed a multi-stage, partially automated modernization and migration concept. This truly sets us apart. At the same time, it also enables us to offer you maximum planning security during every phase.

Our methodology in detail:

1. An analysis creates clarity down to the smallest detail
The starting point for every modernization and migration is a comprehensive analysis of your complete, existing IT structure and applications. The analysis itself is automated. The more you provide us with, the more complete the picture will be. The result is clear, visual application documentation that reveals business-critical applications and dependencies. It enables us to plan all of the modernization steps precisely. It enables us to select the optimal IT architecture for your specific requirements, to identify and eliminate possible incompatibilities from the outset, to preserve valuable business logic and also to define work packages. The analysis and evaluation also take into account your requests and requirements regarding the new software. These could include aspects such as transfer to a cloud, a high level of service orientation, the integration of new business processes, business areas or service offerings, a special design or an attractive, interactive user interface. Every eventuality can be taken into consideration at this early stage. As a consequence, you receive a precise project plan with binding time and costs specifications. This enables us to offer you your migration at a fixed price.

2. Preparation pays off technical debts and increases quality
The analysis also reveals factors known as technical debts in the software. For example, these consist of functions that are no longer used, have been incorrectly programmed, implemented or simply copied and do not function the way they could. These issues are corrected and resolved, which reduces the overhead within the migration itself and also results in higher quality software.

3. Adaptation to your individual specifications and requirements
Our goal is to provide you with software that fully meets your ideas and requirements. To this end, we adapt the software to your specifications. These include naming conventions, styles, program guidelines and other requirements.

4. Migration in the shortest time
This preparatory work is largely automated. After this stage, the software is simply migrated to the new technology you have selected at the press of a button. Upstream UX or process-driven designs are taken into account.

5. The manual fine-tuning perfects the software.
Given that the source technology and target technology are not congruent, the fine-tuning is carried out manually. Yet even in this phase, you are protected against unwelcome surprises. Through the analysis, we know exactly what to do and how to do it. If you would like us to provide you with a turnkey software solution, this work is integrated into the time and cost calculations. The same also applies when we carry out the fine tuning together with members of your IT team. As the work packages for manual fine-tuning are described in great detail, your IT team can also handle these entirely on their own and we remain available to advise you.

6. Test phase ensures a high-quality result
After your new software has been generated, migrated and perfectly adapted to your specifications, it undergoes extensive automatic testing. The analysis also supports these processes with information, which may require special attention. This accelerates the tests and also improves the quality you receive.

7. The go-live is stress-free and reliable
We support your team during the go-live phase of the new software. Based on the analysis, we specifically package the legacy system in such a way as to ensure that the commissioning is always stress-free and reliable. You can benefit immediately from the added value.

Reasons to choose modernization with PITSS

  • The automated and visualized process analysis reveals all possible obstacles in advance.
  • The automated and visualized process analysis reveals all possible obstacles in advance.
  • The analysis identifies business-critical processes and dependencies.
  • Individual specifications, requirements and ideas are integrated into the modernization.
  • Optimal harmonization of the selected software architecture with the customer-specific requirements.
  • Technical debts are rectified and eliminated from the software.
  • Added value through precise adaptation and optimal quality.
  • Detailed project plan with precisely calculated time expenditure and binding costs.
  • Modernization and migration at a fixed price.

Unrivalled execution quality and precision

PITSS’ specially developed and unrivalled methodology for modernization and migration makes it easy for you to create added value for your company or organization with new software. It also enables you to implement lighter and dynamic structures whilst simultaneously throwing old ballast overboard.
Your goals, specifications and requirements are implemented so precisely and with such a high level of quality that no wishes remain unfulfilled. At the same time, the precise calculation of the project and the visual representation of processes in PM tools give you the assurance that the schedule and budget will be adhered to.

The methodical and partially automated procedure reduces the time required for modernization and migration projects by up to 90% compared to manual implementation. This reduces your financial overhead accordingly. As errors caused by manual activities are minimized, the result immediately meets your expectations and time-consuming follow-up work is eliminated.

Thorsten Staude.

Optimization of the software architecture, digitalization, cloud, web services, micro-services or responsive design – no matter what modernization issue you are considering, the PITSS methodology enables first class planning and implementation – together with competent advice. Do not wait any longer, talk to us.


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