Modernization Advice Round-Up

Cool Down Friday — Modernization Readiness Boot Camp

Talk with our experts and learn how to modernize your business.

For this Friday Cool Down, we asked our team members at PITSS, “what is the one piece of advice you would give a company looking to start a software modernization project?”

Alex Walworth, Technical Lead, provided excellent advice: Don’t attempt to replicate your legacy application with a new UI. Utilize the advances in modern tech to streamline your business process rather than simply trying to copy the original, along with its flaws.

This advice is fundamental to our methodology at PITSS. We believe it’s critically important to not cover your legacy systems’ problems with a bandage. In our most recent whitepaper, we compare four different options that will accelerate your modernization efforts.

Michael Keating, Technical Manager, brought up a very relevant point: With all the new ways people can hack into an application, you will need to modernize your software to ensure you have all the new and necessary security features to combat the growing problem.

Organizations must increasingly worry about security threats. Some industries are targeted more than others, including the government and financial sectors. But organizations in every industry must shape and protect their applications with better security practices.

Anna Daugherty, Digital Marketing Manager, offered this perspective: Your competition is already looking for new ways to shut you out. You’ll need flexible, modern systems to serve as your organization’s foundation for innovation.

It’s important to always know where you stand in relationship to your competition, but also to look ahead. On Market Share Wednesdays throughout November, we’re sharing new ways to expand, and even disrupt, your market.

Gavin Woods, Director of Consulting, cut right to the chase: Just do it.

He’s not wrong. Part of the reason we created the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp was because we know lots of organizations are thinking of modernizing their legacy systems, but they just haven’t taken the first steps.

Ross Smith, Chief Architect: Prove your project in miniature. Uncover the hidden challenges.

Whatever you want to do, whether it’s a change in architecture, framework, or databases, show how the solution will work. You will no doubt uncover many of the unexpected issues before they happen in production.

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