Application Modernization Engagement

Let’s transform the systems that matter most to your business.

Custom Application Modernization Engagement

When you engage the expert team at PITSS, you’re tapping into years of knowledge and expertise. From legacy Oracle Forms application development, to full digital transformation projects, our talented team members can help guide you through every step of your digital transformation project. We will help you completely transform the critical systems that matter most to your business to save you time, money, and risk.

Project Bootstrapping


PITSS and Hexagon have already engaged in conversations regarding modernizing your legacy Oracle application. As a first step in a custom engagement with PITSS, we will begin an in-depth planning process:


Finalize Requirements and Create Backlog


Create Project Plan


Define Project Build Schedule

Finalize Resource Plan

Define Blended Team Development Approach


Resources Ramp-up

Setup and Configure PITSS.CON


Setup Jira Project

Setup DevOps Process and Tools

Analysis and Design


The best way to modernize your legacy application is to completely understand it, inside and out. We can accomplish this by utilizing our proprietary code analysis tools. Take the next step with PITSS to modernize your business-critical system and we will perform:


Complete System Analysis

Materials 8.2 Framework Architecture Analysis


Work with Hexagon's Team to Create System Design and Architecture

UI / UX Design and Approval



Our talented team of full-stack PITSS developers will work with you to design both the back-end and front-end of your modernized Oracle application. At this step, we will accomplish:


Hexagon Business Logic Refactoring and Optimization

Business Logic Migration to Database


Migration to Hexagon’s Materials 8.2 Framework (based on Oracle APEX)

UI Creation based on Agreed Designs

Integration of Back-End and Front-End

Testing and Deployment


You’ve made it this far! Now you can see your transformed business process in action. When you get to this stage of an engagement with PITSS, you will see a real-time, working version of your modernized application. Take this step with us and we will:


Run Automated and Manual Unit Tests


Code Merge into Hexagon’s Staging Branch


Deploy Code to Hexagon Staging Environment