Michigan’s First Full-Service Digital Transformation Company Grows, Leads Overhaul of Legacy Technologies

DETROIT – Technology moves fast. Some organizations, however, have invested years—and millions of dollars—into business-critical legacy applications.

A recent study of data from 300 decision makers in marketing, IT and operations revealed that 25% of respondents found it “difficult” or “very difficult” to integrate their organization’s existing systems with third party apps or modern service providers.

Businesses clearly need to catch up. This leaves decision makers asking which direction to take without abandoning their technology investments. Many of these organizations would benefit from partnering with a digital transformation company.

Now PITSS America is taking up the charge.

A Growing Digital Transformation Company

PITSS, a growing digital transformation company since 1999, has added 10 full-time, part-time and contract employees to their full-stack team since 2016. This growth is helping PITSS become a full-service digital transformation company for businesses that rely on legacy Oracle applications.

“We’ve undergone a complete transformation of our own” says Jason Marra, VP of Sales and Operations for PITSS. “With a new website, a brand new set of tools and industry-best practices, we’re proud to be a digital transformation company operating in the greater Detroit area.”

PITSS uses proprietary tools to extract the most important processes and data. Then, PITSS utilizes this data to help companies pave a new digital roadmap based on their strategic goals.

From retail to manufacturing, healthcare to financial services, companies in every industry can leverage the value of digital transformation. The trick is to preserve and reengineer existing data as a means of saving costs, time, and risk.

Digital transformation shows no sign of slowing down, and neither does PITSS.

According to a report from IDC, the percentage of enterprises with advanced digital transformation initiatives is expected to more than double by 2020.

“More industries are realizing the value and necessity of digital transformation,” says Marra. “We want PITSS to be the first name they turn to—we’ll continue growing to accommodate this goal.”


PITSS modernizes, customizes, migrates, and extends the life of valuable legacy Oracle systems. Using data, proprietary software, and deep-dive analysis, we reduce the cost and scope of your digital transformation effort by focusing on the highest ROI processes first. Then, we pave the complete road between you and your new horizons with confidence and expertise. Our full-stack team of experienced UI/UX designers, developers, engineers, technical leads and project managers can guide you through each step of a project. No one knows Oracle Forms like we do—we can take you from planning, to pilot, to the cloud and beyond.

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