Listen to Our Chief Architect on the IT in the D Podcast

Our Chief Architect at PITSS America, Ross Smith, joined the podcast IT in the D for their 250th episode to celebrate their 5 year anniversary.

Ross Smith is Chief Architect at PITSS America. He has been on the PITSS team for five years, a time during which the company transformed from an Oracle Forms upgrade vendor into a business process and application transformation software and solutions provider.

Together, they chatted about PITSS, our history, and how we help enterprises take their legacy applications into the modern world. They also discussed the untapped potential of a digital transformation strategy, and the realities of integrating legacy Oracle apps into a modern enterprise environment.


About IT in the D

Founded in 2001 by a couple Information Technology professionals in Metro Detroit, the Detroit Networking Organization (launched as was the “anti-group”. Knowing that networking was the backbone of their success and their future, the three sought out the perfect group in which to identify and connect.

“Why can’t we simply network with other IT professionals in a casual environment?” they thought. Well, what started as three guys at a bar in Ferndale has blossomed to over 5,500 members. As a result of their job fairs and monthly casual networking meetups, over 1,200 people have found IT jobs. This is a testament to the laid-back nature and the removal of the “cattle call” atmosphere typically found at job fairs.

In 2013, responding to the call of “There really isn’t a good local tech podcast”, the “IT in the D Show” hit the Internet. Coupled with their own banter, they bring in studio guests from local IT staffing companies, business owners and C-level executives. The show is distributed via iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcher.

In 2014, the group rebranded as “IT in the D”, growing the group from what started it: the need to connect the local IT industry casually, “networking Detroit, one beer at a time”.
In 2016, their weekly live broadcast hit the milestone of having had over 20,000,000 listens while consistently being the #1 ranked technology podcast on SoundCloud.

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