How Well Do You Know Your Legacy System?

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Documentation can stop your problems before they begin. Adequately documented system and applications prevent your organization from losing time and revenue. Good documentation not only prepares your team to prevent these problems by operating efficiently, it equips your team to solve problems faster when they do happen. Use this easy checklist from the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp to determine the status of your legacy system documentation.

Need assistance documenting your legacy systems?

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What Does Your Score Mean?

100 and Above

Your organization is on the ball. You’re likely using best practices to ensure that your applications are well documented and that everyone within your organization can easily read and understand these documents. Be sure to keep your documentation updated and have a backup plan in place.

60 - 99

Your organization needs a little work documenting your legacy systems. Different units within your organization likely don’t know what your system does, or how to find that information. Use this checklist to find out more information about your system, and contact PITSS to learn how we can help.

59 and Below

This is the documentation danger zone. Legacy systems without documentation run many risks that can impact multiple units within your organization. If you need assistance documenting your current-state infrastructure, or planning for a legacy system digital transformation, contact PITSS today.

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