Modernization Expertise Round-Up

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Here are some recent articles and blogs featuring legacy modernization expertise and advice from PITSS.

Ross Smith, Chief Architect at PITSS, provided some excellent commentary to Oracle Magazine:

The legacy system that a company wants to modernize is often crucial, so our job as the data experts is to help a company express what its legacy systems do in a new forward-looking technology.

Anna Daugherty, Digital Marketing Manager, brought up important points for a modern disaster recovery plan

You should always have a disaster recovery plan. Even the best-known cloud hosts like Amazon can be subject to DDoS attacks or other outages. Don’t risk losing financial or customer data or a crucial part of your business by not being prepared.

Kelly Genovich, Financial Manager, offered this perspective on working with remote employees:

It’s important to have daily or weekly (depending on the project) communication check-ins, informal job performance check-ins, and formal performance reviews.

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