Get to Know: Customer Support Manager Ronald Steiner [INTERVIEW]

Take a look behind the scenes at PITSS Germany. In this blog series, we explore what it’s like to work at PITSS offices across the globe, what our employees like about the company, and what makes their daily work particularly exciting.

In the first interview we talk to Ronald Steiner, who has been working at PITSS since 2012. After four years as a consultant, he took over management of the support team in 2017.

Ronald Introduces Himself

Name: Ronald Steiner
Occupation: Head of Customer Support / Consultant

#TeamPITSS since 2012

4 Cups of coffee per day

20 Books per year


You’re the head of customer support at PITSS. How do you explain what your job is like when people ask?

My mother only knows that I’m doing something with computers. I tried to explain it to her, but at some point I left it at the PC. (Laughs)

What led you into the company?

I was at the Academy for Data Processing (ADV) Böblingen and I visited one of the company presentation days, at which PITSS still presents itself regularly. I saw a PITSS talk and some job ads. Since my interests at that time corresponded to the requirements of the PITSS, I applied directly.

What professional skills did you have before you came to us?

I graduated from ADV with a degree in computer science. Within my three-year training, I gained both theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of IT, business administration and project management.

What were your first impressions of the company?

PITSS is specialized in Oracle. That scared me off in the beginning, because apart from databases, I did not know the rest of the Oracle products like Forms and WebLogic Server. Since I was involved in Oracle projects right from the start, I quickly learned the missing knowledge.

Tell us about your everyday life as a support manager. How do you start the day, to what extent can you plan it and which tasks do you take care of every day?

The very first thing I do in the morning is to check my email – have any critical support requests come in? Our service quality includes quick response to inquiries – even if you can not solve the problem immediately, it is important to inform the customer that we are taking care of their concerns.

In addition, my team supports projects in other areas of the company, such as consulting. Since we take care of general tasks such as installations, but sometimes take over development work. Of course there are also internal support orders, such as setting up a laptop for new employees, solving problems with our programs, etc.


Why do you like working at PITSS?

Because my job is varied and dynamic – exactly what I like. It is also a good feeling to be trusted and promoted.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy working on customer requests, but I also enjoy working on other projects, for example when doing Forms upgrades. All in all, I find my job varied and I’m glad that I can deal with several things at once.

What was your most exciting project or experience at PITSS so far?

What I especially remember is a PITSS.CON workshop in Madrid. It was summer and it felt absolutely like vacation.

Give three reasons why you like working at PITSS.

The work is varied, the colleagues are great and, actually, the easy commute.

To what extent has the work at PITSS contributed to your personal development?

At PITSS I learned to work independently and not to give up quickly.

Which superhero would you be?

I would compare myself to the Fantastic Four because my work covers the four areas of external and internal support, consulting and project work.
Looking for a new challenge? The GmbH support team in our Stuttgart office is currently looking for reinforcement. Just drop by their career page and apply online for convenience.

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