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Let’s transform the systems that matter most to your business.

Custom PITSS Engagement Road Map

When you engage the expert team at PITSS, you’re tapping into years of knowledge and expertise. From legacy Oracle Forms application development, to full digital transformation projects, our talented team members can help guide you through every step of your digital transformation project. We will help you completely transform the critical systems that matter most to your business to save you time, money, and risk.

Current State Assessment


Before we upgrade your Oracle Forms application, we need to identfy your current state architecture. With one investment, you can not only upgrade, but completely transform your application. Take the first step with PITSS to create a current state assessment and we will:

Identify Application Code Usage

360 Degree View of Your Applications

Business Process Code Analysis

Pinpoint Process Optimizations

Work Closely with Stakeholders

Plan Future-State Architecture

Upgrade Oracle Forms Applications to 12c


PITSS and GE Aviation have already engaged in a conversation regarding your legacy Oracle Forms-based MRO, OSB, SFC, and ACCUM applications. We will upgrade these legacy Oracle apps to the latest supported version, 12c. As a result of this engagement, GE Aviation will experience these benefits:


12c Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Fully-Upgraded Applications

Standardization with Current Hardware

Upgraded to Oracle Supported Version

Code Documentation


You’ve made it this far! Now we can fully document your business-critical systems. When you get to this stage of an engagement with PITSS, you will receive:


Documented Code Used within Each Business Process

Full Use Case and Business Activity Diagrams


Living System Documentation


Knowledgebase of Existing Applications and Use Cases

Business Logic Extraction and API Service Layer


See your digital transformation in action. The business world is constantly innovating, and your competitors are already looking to sprint ahead. PITSS can help you plan and achieve your ongoing business goals. Get ahead of the game. Work with us to completely revolutionize your legacy Oracle systems.

Extract and Re-Engineer Existing Business Logic

Minimize SAP Implementation and Customization Costs and Efforts

Create and Implement New API Service Layer

Leverage Critical Legacy Business Logic

Ability to Interact with New SAP Application

Contact your representative to get started on your transformation journey.

Wes Oliver
Account Executive