Webinar Review

Topics from “Forms 12c – The Most Popular Features” Webinar

Oracle Forms 12c offers a lot of interesting features with its latest version.

 Oracle Product Manager Michael Ferrante, PITSS Support Director Ronald Steiner, and Dorin Schewe from PITSS Customer Service explained during the webinar the details behind Forms 12c.

Oracle Forms 12c Webinar

Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction
11:30 – New Features in Forms 12c
12:13 – Feature Timeline
13:33 – Forms and Java Web Start 
37:00 – Empowering the Administrator
44:50 – Working with images
55:55 – Easy-To-Use Tips
09:12 – What’s coming?
09:12 – Community information

Your Questions for Michael Ferrante

Before and during the webinar, we gave participants the opportunity to ask questions, which Oracle Product Manager Michael Ferrante then answered. Here is a summary of the questions that came up:


How do we achieve independence from Microsoft Internet Explorer?

In Forms 12, there are two browser-less configuration options. Those options are Java Web Start and Forms Standalone Launcher (FSAL).


Is it possible that Forms can be adapted and scaled to the screen resolution automatically or by using a different set_xxx_property?

You can programmatically adapt your application as you desire. The HEIGHT, WIDTH, X and Y positions are all settable. However, because Forms is intended to develop near pixel perfect layouts, the functionality is not offered automatically.


What does the migration from Forms 11 to Forms 12c Web Start entail?

There is no “migration” involved in using JWS. To use JWS, simply make a server side configuration change. The end-user tier requires no special changes. An configuration example is provided in the Forms Web Configuration (formsweb.cfg).


What new security features of RAS are available in the Forms version?

RAS refers to db functionality and generally has nothing directly to do with Forms. That said, Forms/Reports – are based on Oracle Database (and pl/sql) So, these versions are limited to the functionality of that db version. is planned to be based on db


What are the modern UI, possibilities or integration?

Oracle Forms allows for easily extending its UI using Java. With a combination of features delivered with the product and the ability to extend many of the existing objects (or create your own), the Oracle Forms UI is likely more extensible than any other similar technology.


How much longer is Oracle Forms going to be supported?

Oracle Forms 12c, part of FMW 12.2.1.x is planned to be supported until Oct 2020 (Oct 2023). Versions beyond that are planned, but no details or release dates have been made public at this time.


Is there a way to run forms and reports without a repository database?

Typically, a database is present, but not necessarily in the appropriate AL32UTF8 character set. Thus, an additional database with additional license costs and administration expenses is to be operated.

For runtime purposes, the Repository is required. This is a WLS requirement, used to enhance security and configuration integrity.


Do you have any experience running Oracle Forms 12c on Debian Linux?

Debian is not a certified platform. Refer to the Supported System Configuration Matrix for the product version in question.


For application forms, is Authentication SSO to AD Microsoft possible?

Yes, MS-AD can be used, but must be integrated with Oracle Access Manager.


Is it possible to launch the same Forms application as Web Start in 12c and in the browser as 11g?

In order to run an application in 12c, you must first regenerate the FMX in Forms 12. JWS is only supported in v12.


All of our applications are in 11gR2. Do we have to recompile them when changing to Forms 12c?

Yes. As with any upgrade, regeneration is required.


The difficult aspect with Forms is the look and feel. For a team of Forms developers, it’s hard to get experience with the PJC to make the screens look 'sexy'. Our company is looking to new technology for that reason – any advice or pointers to help stop this?

There are a variety of sites that offer example code for PJCs and Beans. The Forms Forum is also a good place to share such information.


When will FMW Version be released? is planned for release in the 2017 calendar year.

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