The ultimate software solution for the most efficient migration from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX, ADF or any other technology


Replace Oracle Forms – Up to 67% Faster

The FORMS REPLACER KIT provides the most intelligent solution for modernizing your Oracle Forms application

You will be pleasantly surprised as to how easy the Oracle Forms replacement can be! What used to take years and cost companies huge amounts of money is now possible up to 67% faster. The FORMS REPLACER KIT is our intelligent solution to migrate Oracle Forms applications to Oracle APEX, ADF or other technologies. Your application is not simply transferred, but simultaneously optimized and redesigned according to your ideas. You will be amazed by the result!

One Tool, Many Advantages

Record speed

The FORMS REPLACER KIT will get you to your destination up to three times faster compared to a manual migration.

Look & Feel

A modern application also includes a contemporary UI, which we implement according to your wishes.


Involve your entire team in the project, because application modernization is team effort.


Navigation and object dependencies of the old application are visualized to support clustering for the new application.


Migration in the cloud is performed easily with the FORMS REPLACER KIT. Just like an on-premise installation.


Complete process documentation ensures absolute transparency and the highest quality results.

There is more to your business

Investment Protection

by preserving and optimizing the valuable business logic
The FORMS REPLACER KIT optimizes your application on code level as well as on business level. On the one hand the code is cleaned and purged, on the other hand the business logic is taken along and optimized. This not only saves you enormous costs, but also opens the way to modern technologies.

Highest Possible Automation

makes manual reworking almost superfluous

The intelligent migration helper brings every convertible Oracle Forms object into the new technology accurately, reliably and above all automatically. Manual reworking is reduced to a minimum, resulting in enormous time and cost advantages.

Individual Design

thanks to control over each migration step
With the FORMS REPLACER KIT the complete migration process can be individually designed. This starts with the selection of the architecture and the segmentation of individual application components. It continues with the localization and solution of functions. Finally, the tool supports the creation of a new user interface. The result: an ideal and customized application.

Start now!

360° clarity of detail within 48 hours

Start with our binding analysis to get an exact planning for your Oracle Forms replacement project in the shortest possible time. We analyze your application with absolute precision to provide you with reliable answers in terms of budget, resources, time and efficiency increase. This is how IT challenges are turned into a technological advantage!

Contact us now and take the first step towards the most efficient Forms modernization!

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