Forms Replacer Kit

Forms Replacer Kit – the safe and rapid way to modern IT

Growing pressure from the competition requires the adaptation of existing business models and supporting business processes in ever shorter cycles. Interaction with external partners and/or customers is becoming increasingly crucial for success. Departments need innovative applications to open up new markets and establish modern services. Customer service wants to offer maintenance with AR support to increase availability and reduce travel costs. The website cannot yet be displayed on different end devices with a responsive design. Central data has to be made available for decentralized or mobile work.
These requirements are critical for success and yet they cannot be fulfilled using existing IT system infrastructures based on Oracle Forms. The simplest, safest, fastest and most efficient solution is to migrate Forms to a modern software technology such as APEX, ADF or a non-Oracle solution based on Java and Java Script using the Forms Replacer Kit from PITSS. The trend here is towards web-based low-code development platforms that are license-free, such as Oracle APEX, the low-code environment recognized with an award by Gartner in 2019.

Reasons to perform a migration with the Forms Replacer Kit

  • Free design of the IT architecture and the segmentation of individual application components onward to micro-services.
  • Free design of the IT architecture and the segmentation of individual application components onward to micro-services.
  • Investment protection through the reuse of relevant and selectively identified components from the old application.
  • Visualization of the Forms application with its navigation and object dependencies enables the creation optimal clustering for the new application.
  • Automated migration eliminates sources of error, creates consistent, manageable components and is up to three times faster than manual migration.
  • Created applications can be imported directly into the target installation, making them easy to maintain and expand.
  • Support with the creation of a new user interface.

Sustainable modernization with high savings potential

The Forms Replacer Kit enables you to migrate to a new forward-looking software technology with the least possible effort. The automated process not only ensures fault-free migration but also minimizes manual follow-up work.
This saves you time and money – not only during migration but also during operation. One reason is because APEX is license-free. This reduces the drain on your IT budget and frees up funds for additional innovations.

The Forms Replacer Kit smooths your path into the digital future. Our transparent procedure and binding commitments regarding costs, time requirements, efficiency increases and resources for the migration ensure reliability and success.

Thorsten Staude.

Using the Forms Replacer Kit, you can quickly transform IT challenges into technological advances. Put your money on the future.


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