Development Process Predictions for 2018

To close out 2017, let’s look ahead to some of the exciting things happening for development in 2018. Our Solutions Architect at PITSS, Alex Walworth, gives his thoughts on some development predictions for the new year.

As with many enterprises’ focus in 2017, the development process needs to fully utilize the benefits of DevOps (continuous integration, development, deployment) along with the agile delivery methodology.

Adopt an Agile and DevOps Mindset

If this is the first time your company has become familiar with the terms Agile and DevOps, you’re already extremely behind. For those who are familiar but are still skeptical about moving forward with these methodologies, take comfort in knowing that leaders in enterprise development agree that these practices should be standard for any digital transformation project. If you’re not on the boat yet, make 2018 your year.

The next question you may be asking is how does DevOps and Agile development help my digital transformation project?

We discuss 3 reasons to take an Agile DevOps approach to development in this blog.

Using Agile Methodology

First, let’s tackle Agile. Agile development methodology let’s teams dynamically define tasks on a two-week, or sprint, basis. This allows for changes to the subsequent sprints that you may not have originally expected at the beginning of your project. Agile is very helpful during your digital transformation project lifecycle as you’re working to upgrade your business process to a new application. It will result in new ideas on how to enhance your legacy process in the middle of development, and those changes will seamlessly get integrated into your Agile development process.

DevOps and Digital Transformation

DevOps is beneficial for countless reasons for anyone’s projects, especially digital transformation. Applications you’re transforming no doubt have a strong business value for your company, and the sooner these new opportunities come to fruition, the better. DevOps assists in the speed and efficiency of your development by automating processes that can easily be slowed or underperformed with human involvement. This involves the complete regression testing of your application after each deployment and instantly deploying to the respective environment. DevOps also removes any need for manual promotion, removing hours of delay between completing development and promotion, thusly saving time and money.

Learn how continuous integration works in this infographic.

When executing your next project, utilizing these development processes will surely put you at the forefront of digital transformation in 2018.

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