Are you Considering the Right Problems for Your Modernization? [Questionnaire]

Jump Start Monday — Modernization Readiness Boot Camp

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How to Use this Questionnaire

The biggest problem with modernizations is knowing the right problem to solve. Fixing the problems you focus on today may not set you up for the opportunities you will receive in the next 5-7 years because of the modernization.

Use this questionnaire for today’s Monday Jump Start as part of the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp to get to the heart of your problems, discover new ones that you might be missing, and to probe a few new angles of the modernization process.

Submit this questionnaire to:

  • Product Owners
  • IT Director and CIOs
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Developers
  • Business Development
  • Innovation Leads

What area of your systems are you least satisfied with?


Too Slow

It takes too long to get your system to do what you want.


Too Complicated

There are too many steps and clicks to get your work done.


Too Ugly

The system is dated and does not reflect your goals for brand or ease of use.

What is most critical for your app to do for it to be successful?



You lose significant money for every minute the system is down. 


First Impression

The app is the face of your organization to a critical user base.


Ease of Maintenance

Keeping the app changing and improving rapidly to adapt to user needs.


Speed of Use

Fulfilling requests from users at high volume.


Global Reach

Ability to reach markets regardless of location, device, or network.

With these priorities in mind, what modernization option makes sense to you?


Commercial Off-the-Shelf Replacement (CotS)


One-to-One Development


Reface Don't Replace Tool


Strategic Digital Transformation

What extra help will you need to achieve your modernization priorities?


Development Team Support

Bringing new skills and additional talent to do the above-and-beyond-work of executing the modernization.


Architectural Guidance

Verifying your choices of technology, given options in the market, your current portfolio, and your cost/revenue objectives.


Business Case Development

Aligning your modernization to the strategic growth and efficiency goals of your organization and trimming scope that does not support those goals.


User Study and Analysis

Analytics and data intelligence to learn how users interact with your software so you can differentiate your organization with great value and ease of use for your users.

What obstacles exist that would prevent beginning a modernization project?


Connecting to a stated business revenue, efficiency, or growth target.


Building confidence with a team across IT, LOB, and marketing departments.


Aligning modernization costs to budget and spending constraints.


Finalizing a project plan that delivers measurable features and value over time including ROI and user adoption.

Download the PDF for this questionnaire.

What to do when you gather the responses:

When you get the responses back from your team, have follow-up conversations. Ask more questions directly to understand why they answered the way that they did. Gather the concerns. Most importantly, identify the next steps or solutions for keeping this person on board with the initiative.

If these are people who are invested in the project, you should know what they expect to see from the project to stay engaged.

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