PITSS – effective concepts and solutions for the sustainable modernization of legacy systems

Founded in 1999, PITSS – Professional IT Software and Solutions – has established itself as a leading expert for the efficient modernization of Oracle legacy applications. In addition, PITSS serves as a partner in research projects funded in Germany by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) along with other institutions.
We owe our leading position in IT modernization to the development of ground-breaking solutions that guarantee you a secure, rapid and economical migration of legacy systems to almost any modern software technology. Our comprehensive modernization expertise in combination with unique, intelligent software tools and a competent team from every IT field enables us to break even the most complex, existing applications down into the smallest program and process components, rectify them and replicate them in forward-looking new technologies in accordance with customer-specific requirements and requests. This protects investments that you have already made along with your proven business processes. You also benefit from the automated execution of a large proportion of this work: You can be certain of the scope as well as the required time and financial expenditure right from the outset of the project.
This clearly structured approach sets us apart and provides you with decisive advantages.

Reasons to collaborate with PITSS:

  • Specializes in implementing modernization and migration projects with or without cloud solutions.
  • Specializes in implementing modernization and migration projects with or without cloud solutions.
  • Comprehensive knowledge combined with extensive experience gained from over 1,500 completed modernization projects in 40 countries.
  • Protects the investments you have already made as the existing processes and codes are used to generate the new system.
  • Rapid implementation and calculable costs through the use of intelligent software tools and services in every phase of the project
  • The extensive digitalization of the consulting services minimizes both manual activities and sources of error, guaranteeing you the highest level of quality.
  • Creation of IT solutions that are easy for your team to maintain and that will continue to provide you with added value in the future.

Simplifying complexity – more than just a promise

We are convinced that the rapidly growing complexity of modern software systems can only be made transparent and manageable through the use of sophisticated services and intelligent software tools.

Driven by this vision, we use our knowledge, experience and passion to develop the solutions today that will help you generate the software for your future success.

More than 1,500 small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of manufacturing and trading sectors, corporate groups from the automotive, banking and insurance sectors, as well as ISVs, public authorities and universities all demonstrate that our vision is more than just a promise. They use the intelligent services and innovative software tools from PITSS to make their IT structures powerful, transparent, maintainable and cost-effective to operate. At the same time, these customers have digitally aligned their IT with our solutions in preparation for future requirements.

High quality, tailored applications, rapid implementation, calculable costs and futureproofing are the key criteria for a migration project that will enable you successfully prevail against the competition in the future. That is why you cannot afford to leave anything to chance on the path to your digital transformation.

Thorsten Staude.

PITSS supports you with mastering the digital transformation and creating added value through its combination of sophisticated services and intelligent software tools. We maintain an international presence and are there for you wherever you need us. Talk to us about your modernization plans.


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