4 Takeaways from Our Oracle Reports Strategy Webinar

In our most recent webinar on why enterprises need an Oracle Reports strategy, we learned several key takeaways that can help organizations in every industry. Because of recent updates to the Oracle Reports Sustaining Support policy, enterprises are looking for alternatives and migration options. They need options that not only keep their reporting needs afloat, but that also take advantage of modern reporting practices that Oracle Reports simply can’t offer.

Enterprises know they need a modern reporting strategy.

It’s clear from the attendance and participation in our recent webinars on Oracle Reports, as well as interest in our Oracle Reports series, that enterprises realize that they need a reporting strategy. Beyond that, they need access to modern, flexible dashboards that meet new user experience demands and product business intelligence to guide their decisions.

Not every enterprise knows what their strategy will be.

However, 53% of attendees we polled said they do not yet have a strategy for their Oracle Reports. This is important to note because if your enterprise is not even thinking about strategy, you’re already falling behind.

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Leadership is carefully considering their options.

From JasperReports to BI Publisher, to ad hoc reporting tools, enterprises are taking their needs seriously. Both IT and line of business leadership are beginning to understand they need to work together to come to a consensus on their business needs before choosing their best migration option. Luckily there are code analysis tools that can help pull the important business logic from their Oracle Reports and provide a clearer vision of which path to choose.

Every industry is affected by the need for an Oracle Reports strategy.

Attendees from major ivy league universities to multi-billion dollar communications giants to government agencies of all sizes reveal that every industry should be considering their reporting options. It’s imperative now more than ever for enterprises to evaluate their needs and begin making strategic steps toward modern reports for their organization.

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