2018 Predictions: Shortcuts to Massive Digital Innovations Ahead

This month, we’re looking ahead to some of the exciting things on the horizon for 2018. Our Chief Architect at PITSS, Ross Smith, gives his thoughts on upcoming digital innovation developments.

Surprisingly, organizations just beginning to explore digital innovations will have the advantage in 2018. We have witnessed the rise of cloud and microservice practices over the past years, as early adopters learned the ins and outs of resource management, cloud scaling, and highly detailed cost models to support their new world order.

But three changes are on the horizon.

Deep Learning Is About To Scale Up

The first is deep learning. With Amazon announcing practically turn-key access to stunningly powerful deep learning algorithms, it’s going to be easier than ever to get the features of these platforms without the hassle of knowing how the pipes fit together. Deep learning is so powerful that a well-executed, creative application of this technology could outweigh the benefit of a company’s uphill struggle towards digital transformation for the past ten years combined.

Serverless Will Be Competitive With Traditional Cloud

The second change is serverless. If the lift was too big for you to embrace DevOps and Systems Reliability Engineering, just you wait for serverless. We will witness the advent of serverless architecture with the increased roll-out of certified Cloud Foundry installations. Take all the hassle out of your state management so your developers can focus on pure code. Just user experience, just business logic. Take the availability of resources and statefulness for granted. That’s serverless. Keep your developers doing what they do best, instead of asking them to become your operations department.

Between deep-learning-as-a-service and serverless application development, first-time digital transformers have a feast of efficient tools in 2018.

Legacy Tools Reaching End-Of-Life

As Oracle has officially declared the final releases for its Reports, other legacy technologies are subject to the same pressures of time: maintenance from large corporations won’t continue indefinitely. At PITSS we’ve prepared a new software product to help customers automatically migrate from Oracle Reports to Jasper Reports.

In a survey with over 100 participants, 42% said they have to evaluate between 70% and 100% of their Oracle Reports for migration – and almost 60% said they plan to do their migration away from Reports in 2018.

Read about our data around Oracle Reports migration to Jasper.


2018 will see a boom in the number of mature enterprises getting off the bench and dashing towards these new services. They will shortcut around much of the hard work of building scalable solutions and will instead reap the vast power of big data, deep learning and the cloud quite directly. Whether these new platforms deliver the radical benefits of digital transformation without the radical process changes will be apparent by 2019.

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