As of August 2020, there are a few different versions of Java SE currently available for public use. Examples include Java SE 8, Java SE 11, and Java SE 14, the most current release available. Oracle is currently planning to release the next version of Java SE, version 15, in September 2020. With all of the different releases of Java SE available in addition to archived releases such as Java 6 and 7, which are the Java versions supported with Oracle Forms

Currently, Oracle Forms is the latest and greatest release of Oracle Forms available for consumers from Oracle. As of today, there are no dates set in stone for when Oracle will release the next version of Oracle Forms. Forms is currently covered under premier support from Oracle until August 2022. However, this date may always change depending on when Oracle releases a new version of Oracle Forms. With this in mind, these are the following Java versions supported with Oracle Forms at this time. Please note that Java SE represents Oracle JDK, Oracle JRE, or both. For any of the Java SE releases not currently supported, we will discuss if these versions could be supported in the future or why they may not be supported:

Java SE 7

Oracle Forms is not currently supported with Java SE 7, and Java 7 will not be supported in the future. The reason is that Java 7 has ended premier support back in July 2019. It is advised that all users who are using Java 7 for anything should consider looking into upgrading to at least Java 8.

Java SE 8

Oracle Forms is supported with Java 8 Update 211 or higher for both the Oracle JDK and the Oracle JRE. This applies to all methods of running Oracle Forms: using the web browser with an NPAPI plugin, Java Web Start (JWS), or Forms Standalone Launcher (FSAL). Please keep in mind that Java 8 is planned be the last release that will have JWS available. At that point, Oracle will advise that all Oracle Forms users will need to switch over to FSAL when running Oracle Forms. Java 8 is currently available under premier support until March 2022. However, Oracle has stated in My Oracle Support Doc ID 2440615.1 that Java 8 will continue to be available for updates and support as long as Oracle Forms 12c is covered under support.

Java SE 9 and 10

Oracle Forms is not supported with either Java SE 9 or Java SE 10, and Forms will never be supported with Java 9 and Java 10. Java 9 and Java 10 were only short-term releases and were taken out of support on March 2018 and September 2018 respectively.

Java SE 11

Oracle Forms has limited supported with Java 11 (11.0.4+). It is only supported with JDK 11.0.4 or higher when using Forms Standalone Launcher only per the Oracle Fusion Middleware Certification Matrix for Java 11 is not supported when running Oracle Forms with the traditional NPAPI plugin (only available with Internet Explorer) or with Java Web Start. The reason is that a JRE is required to use the web browser or Java Web Start for launching Forms applications. Java 11 does not come bundled with a JRE; only a JDK is available. As a long-term release, Java 11 is currently available under premier support through September 2023. If you are interested in implementing FSAL for running Oracle Forms 12c, please visit our article for more information on how you can set up FSAL.

Java SE 12 and 13

Oracle Forms is not supported with either Java SE 12 or Java SE 13. Java 12 and 13 were only short-term releases and were taken out of support on September 2019 and March 2020 respectively.

Java SE 14

As of August 2020, Java SE 14 is the latest Java version currently available. However, Oracle Forms is not supported with Java 14. Java 14 will only be supported until September 2020. Due to this, it is extremely unlikely that Java 14 will be supported with any release of Oracle Forms.

Java SE 15

Oracle is currently planning to release Java SE 15 in September 2020 (subject to change). It will be covered under support until March 2021. There has been no word whether Oracle Forms will have any form of support with Java 15. However, Java 15 is planned to be another short-term release, so the odds of Java 15 being compatible with Oracle Forms is very low if not zero. We cannot speak for Oracle with regards to cross compatibility between Java and other Oracle products such as Oracle Forms and when they may release new certifications, but based on previous and current short-term releases of Java (9, 10, 12, 13, and 14), we do not see there being a certification of Java 15 with Forms even with FSAL. Oracle will provide more information if Java 15 happens to be certified with Oracle Forms.

If you are interested in learning more about the currently available releases of Java SE as well as to download them, feel free to click here to go to Oracle’s page about Java SE.

If you are running an older version of Oracle Forms such as 6i, 10g, or 11g and you are using Java 7 and older, please contact PITSS today to learn more on how PITSS can help you upgrade your application to Forms 12c today.