Updated: 3/23/16

In PITSS.CON 15.3.1, there is a known bug where if you check the Module Summary for a particular module (form, menu, library, etc.), the right column will be blank:

pitss.con 15.3.1

The Module Summary can be accessed by going into the Application Analysis module in PITSS.CON and right-clicking on a form to select “Module Summary”. NOTE: The application must be parsed first.

A bug fix is available for this problem. The newest version of PITSS.CON, version 15.4.2, has this bug already patched. Upgrading PITSS.CON 15.4.2 will fix this problem (version 15.4.1 has this problem still). Please contact PITSS Support for how you can upgrade to the latest version of PITSS.CON. However, if you cannot upgrade right away, you may also contact PITSS Support for the SQL script to patch the PITSS.CON repository. The file is called patch_290915.wrp. Once you have received it, you may follow these steps to apply the patch:

  1. Download the patch to the PITSS.CON server or client.
  2. Log into SQLPLUS as each of your PITSS.CON users (except for MIG). NOTE: Please be in the same directory as the patch when launching SQLPLUS.
  3. Run the command to install the patch: start ‘patch_290915.wrp’
  4. Log out of the PITSS.CON user in SQLPLUS and log into your other PITSS.CON users and repeat the process.
  5. Log out of PITSS.CON and log back in.

After completing the steps above, everything should work normally:

AA works