Reasons to upgrade Oracle Forms The companies that have spent years tailoring Oracle Forms to meet their exact business needs are looking at the latest incarnation: Oracle Forms 11g. This new development means your business is faced with a decision. Do you stick with the version of Oracle that you have and hope it doesn’t crash and burn in light of new technology? Do you upgrade on your own and hope that the modernized system is compatible with your existing configuration? Do you ditch Oracle Forms and opt for an entirely new company-wide database? Upgrading is certainly the smart business owner’s choice, and here are the top 4 reasons why to upgrade Oracle Forms:

1. You’ll minimize your risk.
Sticking with outdated technology is risky. You’ve likely experienced the old technology glitch with your own smartphone. If you neglect to complete updates as they’re provided, your phone may get a little buggy or slow. The same thing will happen the longer you try to make an older version of Oracle Forms work for you. Lack of maintenance and support from the manufacturer for your outdated in-house data system can lead to major problems.

2. You’ll save money.
For businesses that have spent millions of dollars on the hardware, implementation, licensing, and maintenance of Oracle Forms for company-wide purposes, the last thing you want to do is spend millions more attempting to change platforms. It’s smarter to invest in a one-step upgrade to the latest incarnation, Oracle Forms 11g, no matter what version of Oracle Forms you’re currently using.

3. Stick with what you know.
Are there other databases out there? Sure. But is retiring Oracle Forms in favor of something new really the wise choice? Besides incurring a massive expense, new software also means extensive training for all employees. Whether you’ve been using Oracle Forms to do invoicing or purchase orders, whether this versatile platform has been the data entry system for human resources or manufacturing, your employees depend upon it and have developed efficient methodologies for using it. The downtime and inevitable errors of switching to a brand new system will eliminate the learning curve so your business doesn’t suffer.

4. You don’t have to do it alone.
There is an easy, affordable, and logical option as you shift to Oracle Forms 11g: an assisted upgrade. You can certainly purchase the software and attempt to implement it in-house, but applying this new technology to all that you’ve already developed will be a challenge for the uninitiated. You can get the kind of hand-holding you need from experts who have developed tools to make the transition easier and who provide Oracle Forms 11g support every day. With the right kind of tech help, you don’t have to worry about the upgrade or risk that your finely tuned system is going to fail on your business.

Who Can Help with Oracle Forms Migration?
You want to leverage your ongoing technology investment, not start over. You want to prepare the architecture of your application software for new technologies. So it’s essential to determine the best and most efficient way to approach your modernization to upgrade Oracle Forms.

PITSS is a professional services company that has developed PITSS.CON, the unique, high-performance development platform for the analysis, migration, upgrade, modernization, and development of Oracle Forms and Reports applications. With the aid of PITSS’ fully automated solution, you can reduce the cost and time to migrate by up to 90 percent. Predefined templates and projects solve all known migration challenges, and there is automatic replacement of obsolete and changed components.

You need to upgrade, but Oracle is an incredibly complex animal. Make it easier on your company – reduced risk, effort, and expense – by seeking professional technology assistance from experts who will review your existing Oracle system and provide you with the best solution to upgrade and enhance. Contact us today to learn about the implementation and maintenance of Oracle Forms for your company.