IMPORTANT: As of September 4, 2015, NPAPI has been completely removed from Google Chrome in version 45. Due to this, Oracle Forms will no longer work in Chrome starting with Chrome version 45. The solution in this article below will no longer work. The only alternative is to use another supported Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Recently, Google has removed NPAPI support from Google Chrome, one of the supported Web browsers which can be used to run Oracle Forms or any application requiring the use of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  Starting with the latest Google Chrome update (released in April 2015), version 42, there is a possibility where all applications such as Oracle Forms (includes PITSS.CON) which rely on JREs will no longer work in Google Chrome. You may encounter an error such as:

“This plug-in is not supported.”


NPAPI is used to support non-Internet Explorer browsers with different plug-ins including Java (JRE). With Google Chrome no longer supporting NPAPI starting April 2015, NPAPI is now disabled by default. There are different workarounds which can be done to get Forms (or other applications using a JRE) to work in Chrome:

1. Manually enable NPAPI in Chrome:

a. In the URL in Chrome, type in: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

b. An entry, “Enable NPAPI”, should appear. Click “Enable”. WARNING: Please be careful when enabling anything in this page. Neither PITSS nor Google will not be held responsible for anything that is enabled by accident. Before clicking to Enable NPAPI, please read and understand the warning message printed at the very top of the page (or you may read the warning message in the screenshot below as it is a snapshot of it).



c. At the bottom of the page, you will see a “Relaunch Now” button appear. This is necessary to activate the change just made. Click “Relaunch Now”.


d. Google Chrome will relaunch. After applying the steps above, any application (including Oracle Forms and PITSS.CON) will be able to use the JRE in Google Chrome.

2. Use other Web browsers supported by Oracle per the certification matrix as they have not disabled NPAPI:

a. Internet Explorer

b. Mozilla Firefox

c. Safari

NOTE: Sometime in September 2015 according to the Chromium Blog,, NPAPI will be permanently removed and solution #1 above will no longer work then. Oracle is aware of this issue. Solution #2 will still work even when NPAPI is completely removed from Chrome in September 2015.

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