The new Oracle APEX Release 5.0 is now available on the market

The popular development environment that is based on database for Web Applications Oracle Application Express briefly APEX presents itself now in the new Release APEX 5.0. PITSS accompanies the new Release APEX 5.0 with precisely fitting products and services.

The completely revised Page Designer as well as the use of Modal Dialogues count to the highlights of Oracle APEX 5.0. Many clients have also demanded frequently for the integration of several Interactive Reports on one page. The numerous new features of Oracle APEX 5.0 are rounded by the new Universal Theme as well as the Theme Roller that supplies a modern and simple adaptable design for Web Applications.

PITSS is Oracle Modernization Expert and offers many solutions for supporting APEX potential buyers and APEX customers referring to the access and the use of the new APEX features. Therefore, the new PITSS.CON Release 15.0 contains valuable features like e.g. the PITSS.CON APEX Repository that are designed for the new Oracle APEX 5.0. Everyone that has decided for a modernization according to Oracle APEX, benefits from the fast and safe application with the PITSS.CON module Oracle Forms 2 APEX. But also companies that are making themselves familiar with APEX, PITSS helps them out with precisely fitting consulting services like e.g. APEX Migration Analysis. Furthermore, PITSS also lends potential buyers and customers its support in frequently asked questions like the license advice and trainings.

All the new and revised features of Oracle APEX 5.0 you can find in the New Features Guide

Further information & solutions of PITSS referring to the new Release Oracle APEX 5.0:

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If you have any questions relating to the new Release APEX 5.0, do not hesitate to contact us:

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PITSS Customer Service
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