In Reports Builder 11g, there is a known issue where copying and pasting items within any of the layout editors in Reports Builder causes Reports Builder to freeze or hang. This has been reported with Reports,, and with Windows 7 64-bit.

To resolve the issue, Oracle has provided a patch for download (NOTE: Access to My Oracle Support (Metalink) is required):

1. Download Patch 17301874 from Oracle Support ( Make sure you specify the version of Forms and Reports you have installed.

2. Extract the patch in your PC or server.

3. Shut down all WebLogic servers and OPMN processes pertaining to your Forms environment.


4. Open up Command Prompt as an administrator.

5. Set the following environment variables:

set ORACLE_HOME=C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1 (or C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_FRHome1)

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\OPatch


6. To ensure your OPatch version meets the prerequisites, run: opatch veresion


7. Navigate to where you extracted the Oracle patch and go into the 17301874 folder. Once there, install the patch by running: opatch apply


8. Ensuring that the Oracle Home mentioned matches the one for your Oracle Forms environment and everything in the Oracle Home is shutdown, type ‘y’ when asked if the system is ready for patching.


9. You will receive a success message when the patch is installed successfully.

10. Start up everything from the WebLogic servers to OPMN.

After applying the steps above, the problem should be fixed with Reports Builder.

Source: Oracle Support note 1395965.1