Technological Leap Forward in Record Time. Make new from old: This phrase best summarizes the VW’s migration of a business critical application from Oracle Forms version 3 to version 11g, Oracle ADF and MS .NET. And thanks to PITSS.CON, at a price lower than anybody expected.

“ATLAS Dezentral is now a state-of-the-art solution. We are finally able to once again use Oracle’s current standard technology and will be able to easily implement future version
updates. All the project goals were achieved in what I consider to be record time.“
David Christmann, Head of Project Delivery Systems ATLAS Dezentral at VW

You will find these “treasures” in more businesses than you think. Applications that were developed in the 90’s and since then have been consistently expanded until they are virtually perfectly suited for the respective company processes. Is that a mistake? Actually, for years now it has not been an issue. No one wants to work without these stable applications, even if in many respects they are no longer state-of-the-art.

Time and again there are discussions about whether the old system should be modernized, newly implemented or simply replaced by standard solutions. Since all of these options are costly and at the same time the users are highly satisfied with the existing solution, these discussions come to an end very quickly. However, the risks associated with these applications should not to be underestimated.

The base technology is no longer supported by the manufacturer, the hardware by far no longer corresponds to today‘s technological possibilities, spare parts are almost impossible to obtain. From the perspective of responsible risk management, this is not a sustainable situation.