When running the Oracle Forms 11gR2 ( Patchset Upgrade to upgrade an older version of Oracle Forms 11gR2 ( or in Windows, there is a random possibility that the following error may be encountered about halfway through the upgrade:

“Error in writing to file ‘%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\oraldapclnt11.dll’. [%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\oraldapclnt11.dll (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)]”

Forms upgrade error with DB

Per the error message, the oraldapclnt11.dll is being used by another process. Before clicking “Retry”, make sure that:

1. Your WebLogic servers for the Forms and Reports environment are shut down.

2. OPMN is shut down for the Forms and Reports environment.

3. The Node Manager is shut down for the Forms and Reports environment.

4. If an Oracle Database is locally installed (meaning on the same PC/server where Forms and Reports is being upgraded), it should be shut down as well (the DB instance, the TNS listener, the DB console, etc.).

5. If any Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid/Cloud Control Agents are deployed on the PC/server, they should be shut down as well.


If you click “Retry” and the error still appears, apply these steps to fix the problem:

1. Make a backup of the entire Middleware home. You can do this by zipping up the entire Middleware directory.

2. Go into %ORACLE_HOME%\bin.

3. Rename the file “oraldapclnt11.dll” as “oraldapclnt11.dll.bak”.

4. Click “Retry”. The error should not appear again. The upgrade will create a fresh copy of the DLL.

NOTE: You may experience the same error with the following DLLs where you may need to apply the same steps as above (except for the Middleware backup as that would have been done already):

  • orannzsbb11.dll
  • orazt11.dll
  • oraztkg11.dll