At UKOUG Application Server & Middleware SIG Meeting on 5th March 2014 in Solihull UK, PITSS Pre Sales Consultant Erik de Linde presented PITSS.CON – 360° of your Forms Application.

The UK Oracle User Group UKOUG invited PITSS to introduce PITSS.CON. Erik de Linde gave a presentation on the capability of PITSS.CON including Migration, Analytics and ADF/Apex Support. The feedback was great and most participants were interested in further information and took an opportunity to talk to PITSS about their individual Oracle Forms modernization projects. Above good discussion with representative of several companies, there was much interest in the laid out PITSS.CON documentation.

The event was well attended with about 40 people in the audience. The main focus was based to questions like: Is Oracle Forms still here and is Forms 12c on the way? How do we cope with Oracle Forms from a middleware perspective? What about License and Support issues? Are there tools out for migration and deployment? Which development techniques are right to follow Forms?

In the end PITSS comes to the result that Oracle Forms is still an important theme in the British market, but evaluation processes for succeeding platforms are in full operation.

For further information about PITSS in UK, please contact: Bernhard Hoeh, Senior Account Manager,, +44 (1908) 440 016