How to Fix “Missing Permissions Manifest” and “Missing Codebase Manifest” Warnings in Oracle Forms Using JRE 1.7.0_25 or Higher

To protect end-users from the latest security threats, Oracle has improved security in Java. Starting with Java Runtime 7 Update 25, you may have noticed the following warnings in the Java Console for jar files such as frmall.jar or any custom-made jar files:

  • Missing Permissions manifest attribute for: http://server.domain:port/forms/java/name_of_jar.jar
  • Missing Codebase manifest attribute for: http://server.domain:port/forms/java/name_of_jar.jar

At this time (with using the latest JRE available), these warnings will not cause any problems running any Oracle Forms application. These warnings appear due to how the Forms application jar files are set up. By default, the jar files deployed by every Oracle Forms application such as frmall.jar will present these warnings.

What you’ll learn in this article:

How to Remove the warnings for the Oracle Forms jar files such as frmall.jar, etc.
 Instructions for both Windows and Unix

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