Oracle Database 11gR2 Prerequisites for Windows

1.     Minimum System Requirements

1.1.    Oracle Supported DB Platforms (32-bit):

1.1.1. Windows XP

1.1.2. Windows 7

1.1.3. Windows Server 2003

1.1.4. Windows Server 2003 R2

1.1.5. Windows Server 2008

1.2.    Oracle Support DB Platforms (64-bit):

1.2.1. Windows XP

1.2.2. Windows 7

1.2.3. Windows Server 2003

1.2.4. Windows Server 2003 R2

1.2.5. Windows Server 2008

1.2.6. Windows Server 2008 R2

1.3.    *RAM: 2 GB+ (8 GB+ for production environments)

1.4.    Virtual Memory: 4 GB+ (16 GB+ for production environments)

1.5.    HDD Partitioning:

*Software Mount: One file system mount with at least 10 GB of free space to store the software and temporary file storage for servers. This value could be significantly higher (hundreds of MB, GB, if not TB) depending on the size of the data.

1.6.    OS User Access Requirements:

1.6.1. The operating system user that is used for the installation must have Administrative privileges on the machine and “Full Access” to the file system directory where 11gR2 Oracle Database will be installed.

1.6.2. The OS user admin account should be locally created on the PC/server.

1.6.3. IMPORTANT: This OS account used to install the Oracle software MUST be used to run the Oracle Services per the Oracle Forms Certification Matrix (it is best to use an account to which multiple system admins will have access).

*RAM and File System Mount Specifications: For production systems, please consult PITSS or Oracle on sizing recommendations. The amount of RAM, HDD Space for SWAP and Software Mounts will vary depending on end-user usage and application characteristics such as the expected size of the data tablespaces you plan to use.




2.     Software Requirements

2.1.    Oracle Database 11gR2 (

2.1.1. Go to

2.1.2. Login with your Oracle OTN Login that has your organization’s “oracle support identifier” that lets you download “Patches & Updates”

2.1.3. Click on “Patches & Updates


2.1.4. In the Patch Search window, type in 10404530 for the patch number. Select the operating system and click Search.


2.1.5. In the Patch Search Results, only one patch should appear. Click on the patch number.


2.1.6. Click on Download.


After clicking Download, you should be able to select the zip file and download to your machine. Only download the first two zip packages.


If you have any questions regarding the Oracle Database 11gR2 prerequisites, please contact PITSS.