You might run into an ADF Mobile deployment error below:


Cannot run program “… platform-toolsaapt”


CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified.


The cause of the error was that the “Android SDK Tools” was updated from Rev. 21.1 to Rev 22.



The reason Rev. 22 causes the error is more on the side of JDeveloper. It moved appt.exe to a different directory, however you can’t configure JDeveloper where to find this executable.


To fix the issue, take your SDK version back to Rev. 21.1, by extracting the Rev 21.1 zip. You will have to re-install the Android APIs, but it shouldn’t take long to get re-setup. However, if you want use Rev 22, copy the contents of %SDK_Home%/build-tools/android-4.2.2 to%SDK_Home%/platform-tools.


Until Oracle changes how JDeveloper can find the binary, you can use this workaround!




Update (05/21/2013): Per Chris Muir, ADF Product Manager, this issue has been officially logged at Oracle as a bug 168376554. You can monitor the status of this bug in My Oracle Support ( – as long as you have access to viewing Oracle Bugs.