There is a known issue where the Node Manager (when configured to auto-start the WebLogic servers after a reboot of the OS) is unable to start up any of the WebLogic servers after SSL has been configured for the WebLogic servers. Similar to configuring Node Manager to auto-start WebLogic servers, a startup of the WebLogic servers will need to be performed using WLST providing java parameters pointing to your custom keystore. To perform this, please follow these steps:

  1. Open up Command Prompt as an administrator
  2. Navigate to %DOMAIN_HOME%\bin using the cd command
  3. Run setDomainEnv.cmd
  4. Start WLST using the following command (all one line): java”JKS””CustomTrust””%PATH_TO_TRUSTED_KEYSTORE%\.jks””%KEYSTORE_PASSWORD%” weblogic.WLST
  5. Connect to the WebLogic domain using Node Manager: nmConnect(domainName=’%DOMAIN_HOME%’,username=’weblogic’,password=’%WEBLOGIC_PASSWORD%’)
  6. Start up the AdminServer and any managed WebLogic servers using nmStart(‘SERVER_NAME’)
  7. When all of the servers are running, restart the PC/server to make sure that all of the WebLogic servers start up.

After running the steps above, Node Manager should be able to start up the WebLogic servers without a problem.