Using the default settings in in Oracle Forms & Reports (released December 2012) has an issue where any generated PDF report (using getjobid) results in the following error:


The same error is reached if you try to access any other utility in rwservlet such as showenv, showjobs, etc. In older Oracle Forms 11g and 11gR2 releases, not having the parameter <webcommandaccess> set in is the equivalence to setting the parameter to L0 which means to block all rwservlet access.

To fix this error, you will need to apply the following:

  1. Go to %DOMAIN_HOME%\config\fmwconfig\servers\WLS_REPORTS\applications\reports_#\configuration and open (make a backup first).
  2. Add the following parameter below the <inprocess> parameter:
    • <webcommandaccess>L2</webcommandaccess>
  3. Save and close the file
  4. Restart WLS_REPORTS


After applying the fix above, you should be able to view generated PDF reports when running Oracle Forms & Reports,, and 12.2.1.x.