In some Forms and Reports 11gR2 installations, the opmn.exe process may progressively continue to use more memory. If this issue is being experienced, monitor the opmn.exe process in Task Manager for about 1-2 weeks. If you notice that the amount of memory usage has increased significantly (about 70,000K-150,000K of added memory usage), there is a leak for the OPMN process.

To fix the problem, download Oracle Support patch 13324848 from My Oracle Support. After the patch is downloaded, you can follow the following steps to fix the leak:

  1. Once it is downloaded onto your machine, extract the zip file.
  2. Open up Command Prompt as an administrator.
  3. Set the following environment variables in your Command Prompt:
    • set PATH=%PATH%;%MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\oracle_common\OPatch
  4. Shut down all WebLogic servers: AdminServer, WLS_FORMS, and WLS_REPORTS
  5. In Command Prompt, shut down OPMN:
    • opmnctl stopall
  6. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the patch.
    • Example: C:\p13324848_111150_MSWIN-x86-6413324848
  7. Run: opatch apply
  8. When it asks if the local system is ready for patching, type in: y
  9. The patch should install successfully. Next, start up OPMN:
    • opmnctl startall
  10. Start up your WebLogic servers

After applying the steps above, this should fix the problem with the OPMN memory leak. Take note of how much memory usage opmn.exe uses within 1-2 weeks. If no significant increase in memory usage occurs, the memory leak has been successfully patched.