Although Reports Builder 11gR2 is supported on 64-bit Windows machines, there is a bug within Reports Builder 11gR2 64-bit where if you try to access “Data Models” for any report in Reports Builder, Reports Builder will crash (Windows error that generates is: “Report Builder has stopped working. Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.”). To work around this, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to %ORACLE_INSTANCE%\config\FRComponent\frcommon\TOOLS\admin (%DOMAIN_HOME%\config\fmwconfig\components\ReportsToolsComponent\reptools1\tools\admin in 12c)
  2. Make a backup of cauprefs.ora
  3. Edit cauprefs.ora in a text editor
    • Find the following lines:
      • Reports.PluggableDataSourceFactories =
    • Replace the value to: Reports.PluggableDataSourceFactories = ()
  4. Save the file and try running Reports Builder again.

NOTE: If you happen to use Pluggable Data Sources (PDS) in your reports, the workaround will not work.

UPDATE: This error also occurs in the latest release of Oracle Forms & Reports 11gR2 ( and 12c.
Reference: See Oracle Support note 1395965.1 for more information.