There is a known issue where reports which are called from an Oracle Forms application is not protected by SSL when reverse proxy is configured (load balancing for example) in the OHS server to communicate with the Forms and Reports servers. For example, the Forms application is protected (using the HTTPS protocol). When a report is generated, it will not work using the HTTPS protocol (only the HTTP protocol works).
Two additional things need to be done to allow reports to be run using HTTPS:

  • Enable WLProxySSL in mod_wl_ohs.conf for OHS
    1. Make a backup of %ORACLE_INSTANCE%\config\OHS\ohs1\mod_wl_ohs.conf
    2. Open up mod_wl_ohs.conf. Within the “”, add the line “WLProxySSL ON“. The tag(s) should show:
      • <Location /reports>
        SetHandler weblogic-handler
        WebLogicHost host_name
        WebLogicPort HTTP_port_for_WLS_REPORTS
        WLProxySSL ON
    3. Save and close mod_wl_ohs.conf
    4. Restart OHS using OPMNCTL
  • Enabling WebLogic Plug-In in Admin Console
    1. Log into the WebLogic Admin Console
    2. Go to Environment–>Servers–>WLS_REPORTS–>Configuration tab–>General tab
    3. In the top-left corner, click “Lock & Edit”
    4. Click the “Advanced” link toward the bottom
    5. Enable the check box for “WebLogic Plug-In Enabled”
    6. Click the “Save” button at the very top or the very bottom to save changes
    7. In the top-left corner, click “Activate Changes” to activate changes
    8. Restart WLS_REPORTS

You should be able to successfully run reports with SSL protection.
Reference: Oracle Support note 1322783.1. NOTE: The Oracle Support note incorrectly references ssl.conf instead of mod_wl_ohs.conf. Please use mod_wl_ohs.conf.